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Yeah, I had a sinking feeling that O’Raelly wasn’t down for the count just yet, and it looks like he grew a pair with the epic b**** slap across the face. I had a feeling that he’d come back with some kind of plan…and it seems to take advantage of the dumbest of the four Devions. If I were a wagering man, I suspect this new body is meant more for himself than Ram.

Or – twist – he could actually offer the body… putting Ram in his debt and rubbing his nose in his errors. It was Ram who did not deliver on his side of the – okay, possibly too unofficial – bargain. It was Ram who left his followers, ADummerLech especially, without guidance. The terrible betrayal that offended Ram so only happened because OhReally had good reason to think he had been betrayed first. And if you think I’m playing devil’s advocate, take a look at the other side.