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Hiatus published on 108 Comments on Hiatus

And here we have some bad news. Knowing full well that this is a really awkward point to do this, Kuurion and I have agreed that we need to put Our World on the shelf for a while. We’ve talked about this for a few weeks and have both been feeling the burnout for some time, but more recent events have forced us to re-evaluate whether it’s really healthy for either us or the story to continue forcing ourselves when we’re not at our best. I feel worn down by the production process and need more personal time – he’s having career anxiety and needs his personal creative time to position himself for more fulfilling work making games. (Kuur note: I fully admit this was because I had an emotional reaction to a big RPG last year and realized I’m not making what I want to be making with my life.)

In short, Our World is stopping here for an indefinite hiatus. We know this is a bad place to pause, and we’re sorry about that. (Nixie, don’t worry, everybody didn’t die. :3) We planned this part of the story out months ago, but our need for a break only came up more recently. This project (that has been a personal hobby project for so many years for the both of us) has never reached the level of readership we’d hoped it would find, but the readers we’ve had have been great to talk with. A special thanks to our Patreon backers; your support helped us believe in our work (and buy Christmas presents).

Kuurion will fulfill his Patreon reward obligations for January, and then the campaign will be suspended (Or cancelled, if it cannot be.) If you want to contact either of us for any reason, you can message me here on the Katbox forums, or @OurWorldComic on Twitter. Kuurion is @Kuurion on Twitter, and can be emailed directly at He’ll still be open for commission work as well (as long as you’re patient!) if anybody is interested for any reason.